This Year

PHIL263/363: Philosophy of Biology (Semester 2 2019)

Past courses

AT THE UNIVERSITY OF Auckland (2015–2018):

BIOSCI739: Dialogues in Biology (co-taught with James Russell)

PHIL210: Applied Ethics (co-taught with Vanya Kovach)

PHIL250/351: Philosophy and the Environment (co-taught with Tim Mulgan)

PHIL260/360: Philosophy of Science [syllabus]

PHIL263/363: Philosophy of Biology

PHIL749: Topics in Philosophy of Science 1: Modelling, Representation, and Inference in Science   [syllabus]

PHIL750: Topics in Philosophy of Science 2: Concepts and Categories in Biology  [syllabus]



PHIL073: Ethics and the Environment 

PHIL004: History of Modern Philosophy (TA)

PHIL226: Philosophy of Biology (TA)

PHIL008: The Social Contract (TA)

PHIL001: Introduction to Philosophy (TA)


Sidney Diamante (PhD 2018), Armed with information: cognition and consciousness and the octopus nervous system (supervised jointly with Stephen Davies)

David Kelley (PhD in progress), supervised jointly with Tim Mulgan

Sam Woolley (PhD in progress), supervised jointly with John Bishop