Next Year

BIOSCI739: Dialogues in Biology (Semester 1 2020; co-taught with James Russell)

PHIL100: Mind, Knowledge, and Reality (Semester 1 2020; co-taught with Raamy Majeed and Bob Wicks)

PHIL750: Topics in Philosophy of Science 2: Philosophy of Climate Science (Semester 1 2020)

PHIL263/363: Philosophy of Biology (Semester 2 2020)

EARTHSCI206: Astrobiology (Semester 2 2020; contributing to team-taught course led by Kathleen Campbell)

Past courses

AT THE UNIVERSITY OF Auckland (2015–2018):

BIOSCI739: Dialogues in Biology (co-taught with James Russell)

PHIL210: Applied Ethics (co-taught with Vanya Kovach)

PHIL250/351: Philosophy and the Environment (co-taught with Tim Mulgan)

PHIL260/360: Philosophy of Science [syllabus]

PHIL263/363: Philosophy of Biology

PHIL749: Topics in Philosophy of Science 1: Modelling, Representation, and Inference in Science   [syllabus]

PHIL750: Topics in Philosophy of Science 2: Concepts and Categories in Biology  [syllabus]



PHIL073: Ethics and the Environment 

PHIL004: History of Modern Philosophy (TA)

PHIL226: Philosophy of Biology (TA)

PHIL008: The Social Contract (TA)

PHIL001: Introduction to Philosophy (TA)


Sidney Diamante (PhD 2018), Armed with information: Cognition and consciousness and the octopus nervous system (supervised jointly with Stephen Davies)

David Kelley (PhD in progress), Nested agency: Individuals and groups across domains (supervised jointly with Tim Mulgan)

Sam Woolley (PhD in progress), Evolution, morality, and religion: Assessing the case against justifiable realism (primary supervisor)