Upcoming talks

Finding, Explaining, and Engineering Life

SoCIA 2018, Reno, April 2018

Exploratory Microbial Models

PSA 2018, Seattle, November 2018

Recent talks

Finding, Explaining, and Engineering Life

Philosophy Seminar, Victoria University of Wellington, September 2017

PBDB11 (Philosophy of Biology at Dolphin Beach), Moruya, August 2017

Philosophy Seminar, University of Waikato, July 2017 

Workshop on Sensors, Motors and Behaviour at the Origin of Life, Earth-Life Sciences Institute, Tokyo, July 2017

Pacific APA, Seattle, April 2017 (Invited Symposium: The Shadow Biosphere and the Nature of Life)

Are Experiments Better than Models?

Biology Seminar, Massey University, May 2017 

Auckland Bioengineering Institute Seminar, University of Auckland, October 2016 

School of Biological Sciences Seminar, University of Auckland, September 2016 

Treasured Exceptions: Surprise and its Role in Science

Philosophy Colloquium, Reed College, November 2016 

ENSO Seminar Series, October 2016 

Philosophy Seminar, University of Otago, September 2016 

Physics Seminar, University of Auckland, July 2016

Empirical Philosophy Workshop IV, Victoria University of Wellington, October 2015

Philosophy Seminar, University of Auckland, September 2015

Hypothesis Testing, Exploratory Experiments, and the Space in Between

SPSP2016, Rowan University, June 2016

            NZAP 2015, Massey University, December 2015

The Many Faces of Model Organisms

            Philosophy and Practice of Modelling, Sydney University, August 2015

Experiments, Simulations, and Epistemic Privilege

            Biology Interest Group, Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, October 2014 

Experiments, Simulations, and Surprises

PSA 2014, Chicago, November 2014

POBAM 2014, Madison, May 2014

PSX4, Pittsburgh, April 2014

Ecolunch Ecology and Evolution Seminar, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, December 2013

The Value of Surprise in Simulations and Experiments

ALIFE 14, New York, July 2014

MS6, Notre Dame, May 2014

What's the Difference between Experiment and Simulation? 

            ISHPSSB 2013, Montpellier, July 2013